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Added 19 December 2018
site, studio, portfolio, design work
Рекламная кампания для сети ресторанов "Япошка" Креативный продакшен: Looma Будем рады вашей поддержке на Behance
Added 17 July 2018
design, food, creative, retouching, advertising, studio
КЛО: Гербы
Рекламная кампания для сети АЗС "KLO" Агенство: Michurin Креативный продакшен: Looma Будем рады вашей поддержке на Behance
Added 18 April 2018
design, creative, retouching, advertising, studio, vray
Black Sky
Creations of the website for creative web studio.
Added 4 August 2017
design, creative, app, webdesign, studio, black
Studio P+P
The Studio P+P logo reflects the minimal and functional approach of the studio works. The logo is adaptable to the different media formats and symbol + can exist separately as an independent graphic element. The...
Added 12 April 2017
branding, stationery, fluorescent, studio p p, studiopplusp
Game Scope
The game store concept for sales game PS4, Xbox One and PC
Added 12 November 2016
shop, creative, webdesign, studio, store, xbox
Decus. Digital agency - part 1
Part 2 - http://www.revision.ru/work/121651/ Full project on behance - https://www.behance.net/gallery/43783625/Decus-Digital-agency mishano.ru
Added 11 October 2016
design, webdesign, studio, portfolio, concept, artdirection
Creative Bundle of 10 Email Templates
You can Buy it - https://creativemarket.com/shizoy/740407-Creative-Bundle-of-10-Email-Template
Added 15 June 2016
design, creative, beauty, studio, color, nice
Gravity Studio
Added 2 June 2016
creative, web, webdesign, studio, clean, color
Akhmetova Monogram
Разработали монограмму для частной заказчицы и stationery для нее. Работа на behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/36228343/Akhmetova-Monogram
Added 31 May 2016
логотип, лого, фирменный стиль, брендинг, герб, айдентика