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Big jazz
Added 9 December 2017
музыка, слон, music, винил, саксофон, саксофон
Goodbye June “Magic Valley”
Added 17 August 2017
обложка, illustration, иллюстрация, диск, альбом, art
More on Behance
Added 12 July 2017
brand, music, concept, minimal
G&C. Организатор танцевальных мероприятий
Логотип основан на двух терминах — аудио колонки и билеты. Они наиболее точно характеризуют сферу деятельности...
Added 28 March 2017
логотип, logo, dance, music, ticket
Продукт четверых талантливых музыкантов. Качественный Extended Play выпущенный в конце 2016 г. RAGNAROCK Flyin Up official channel Процесс...
Added 7 March 2017
обложка, буклет, illustration, музыка, иллюстрация, альбом
Lovers Song
"земля превращалась в нелепый глобус, бог с неба прочь уходил в отпуск. сыпались стены бездарного мира он шел на...
Added 6 February 2017
девушка, illustration, мужчина, love, music, гитара
Trap music is a subgenre that originated during the 1990s from Southern hip hop in the Southern United States. It is typified by its ominous lyrics and sound that incorporate heavy kick drums from a Roland...
Added 3 February 2017
design, hip-hop, web, website, black, music
for project/music bot
Fast Telegram bot for searching, listening and downloading any music everywhere from any device (yes, it's piracy)
Added 3 December 2016
music, guitar, tube, notes, ikushido, valeriya zagoruiko
The Death Mill
The illustration for the music album (Seductive Silence--Ukrainian atmospheric death-doom metal band) Ant circles (a death spiral, a death roundabout, eng. Death mill) - natural phenomenon. One or small...
Added 14 November 2016
art, music, drawing, dark, picture
Witness Team
Поддержите на Behance . Спасибо! :)
Added 25 August 2016
music, character, caricature, fun, cartoon, team