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T-PLATFORMS, Logo © Tomatdesign
Ten trillions of logos for a supercomputer company!

T-Platforms is a holding that produces supercomputers and high-end operating systems. As an example, the “Lomonosov” supercomputer makes over 10 trillion operations per second. The task was to make re-design of visual communications of the holding, keeping the awareness of the old logo and comprise under the new identity other companies, which belong to the holding. The old logo didn’t reflect the potential of the products and had week associations with the IT sphere. We suggested the solution that fully reflects the essence of the product. Cluster systems, that are a base for any supercomputer, became the basis for a logo too, forming the letter “T”.

Resembling the computer languages, the module of the logo is filled with four basic geometric figures in a free form, generating thus unlimited variations of the logo. As a result we have more than 10 000 000 000 000 combinations.

creative director: Tarakanov Andrey
account manager: Kuchkarov Farhad
designer: Bashev Denis, Masha Babenko, Maksim Arbuzov
animation\motion design: Anton Krivulya
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