Easy Speaking
Identity © Tomatdesign

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Easy Speaking, Identity © Tomatdesign
Challenge:Easy Speaking is a small language school on the territory of popular loft ARMAin Moscow. Themain tenants are the representatives of artistic fields or creative professions– designers, advertisement agencies, media and fashion industry workers. Therewas a need to attract their attention with original identity but not expensiveadvertisement materials. Also we had to deliver the key message – a languageschool mainly for groups with zero/beginner level.

Solution:We created the logo that allows to turn any media or surface into theadvertisement message – business cards, flyers or a door plate.

The creative execution fully corresponds tothe spirit and style of the location, attracts the attention and creates aninterest around the school, and the sign of the school is not lost among manycreative logos of tenants inside the loft.

Creative director: Andrey Tarakanov
Art-director, designer: Andrey Ermilov, Andrey Tarakanov
Copywriter, manager: Farhad Kuchkarov
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